ProSet, SelectSet, AccuSet and Avantra driven by EtherSetter box. Elan and Polaris are rebadged ECRM machines, see ECRM.

Agfa Accuset 1000
Agfa Accuset 1000W Plus
Agfa Accuset 1200
Agfa Accuset 1400
Agfa Accuset 1500
Agfa Accuset 1500 Plus
Agfa Accuset 1500W
Agfa Accuset 800
Agfa Avantra 20
Agfa Avantra 25
Agfa Avantra 25E
Agfa Avantra 25S

Agfa Avantra 25XT
Agfa Avantra 30
Agfa Avantra 30E
Agfa Avantra 36
Agfa Avantra 44
Agfa Avantra 44E
Agfa Avantra 44S
Agfa Avantra 44XT
Agfa Elan 500
Agfa Phoenix 2000
Agfa Phoenix 2250
Agfa Phoenix News

Agfa Polaris CtP
Agfa Proset 9400
Agfa Proset 9550
Agfa Proset 9600
Agfa Proset 9700
Agfa Proset 9800
Agfa Proset 9836
Agfa Selectset 5000
Agfa Selectset 7000



Rebagded ECRM machines, see ECRM.

Anitec LaserRED 1800
Anitec LaserRED 310

Anitec LaserRED 360
Anitec LaserRED 360HS

Anitec LaserRED 460
Anitec LaserRED 460HS



Rebagded ECRM machines, see ECRM.

Autologic APS6-108
Autologic APS6-70

Autologic III 3850
Autologic III Sierra



XEL is rebadged ECRM, see ECRM. Highlight is rebadged Linotronic, see Linotronic.

DuPont Highlight 450
DuPont XEL 140

DuPont XEL 180
DuPont XEL 400




Machines with SCSI input or external SCSI-Pelbox converter are driven by SCSI board.

ECRM Knockout PRF
ECRM Mako 108HT
ECRM Mako 36 (Mako 3625)
ECRM Mako 3600
ECRM Mako 3650HS
ECRM Mako 36HS (Mako 3675)
ECRM Mako 46 (Mako 4625)
ECRM Mako 4600
ECRM Mako 4650HS
ECRM Mako 46HS (Mako 4675)
ECRM Mako 56 (Mako 5625)

ECRM Marlin 2500
ECRM Marlin 2500
ECRM Marlin 46 (Marlin 2500HS)
ECRM Marlin 63 (Stingray 6300HS)
ECRM Pelbox 1030
ECRM Pelbox 1045
ECRM Pelbox 1045HS
ECRM Pelbox 108
ECRM Pelbox 1500
ECRM Pelbox 2030
ECRM Pelbox 3000
ECRM Pelbox 3030

ECRM Pelbox 72
ECRM Stingray 46 (Knockout 4550)
ECRM Stingray 46 CTS (Marlin 3500)
ECRM Stingray 52 (Stingray 5200)
ECRM Stingray 63 (Stingray 6300)
ECRM Sunfish 30 (VR30)
ECRM Sunfish 40



Epson printers are driven through USB or the Windows spooler. Not listed models can be driven by adding a record to an INI file.

Stylus Photo 1400
Stylus Photo R285
Stylus Photo R1800
Stylus Photo R1900
Stylus Photo R2400
Stylus Photo R2880
Stylus DX7450
Stylus Pro 3800
Stylus Pro 3880

Stylus Pro 4000
Stylus Pro 4450
Stylus Pro 4800
Stylus Pro 4880
Stylus Pro 7450
Stylus Pro 7600
Stylus Pro 7800
Stylus Pro 7880
Stylus Pro 7900,

Stylus Pro 9600
Stylus Pro 9800
Stylus Pro 9880
Stylus Pro 9900
Stylus Pro 9450
Stulus Pro 10600
Stulus Pro 11880


Rebagded ECRM machines, see ECRM.

FujiFilm PI 1400
FujiFilm PI 1400HS
FujiFilm PI 1800
FujiFilm PI 1800HS
FujiFilm PIM 1400

FujiFilm PIM 1400HS
FujiFilm PIM 1400S
FujiFilm PIM 1400SS
FujiFilm PIM 1800
FujiFilm PIM 1800HS

FujiFilm PIM 1800S
FujiFilm PIM 1800SS
FujiFilm PIM 2800
FujiFilm PIM 5200



Spectraset driven by EtherSetter box.

Hyphen Spectraset 2200
Hyphen Spectraset 2400

Hyphen Spectraset 3100
Hyphen Spectraset 3200




HP printers are driven through USB or the Windows spooler. Unlisted models using PCL 3-GUI can be driven by adding a record to an INI file.

DesignJet 30
DesignJet 70

DesignJet 90
DesignJet 130




Rebagded ECRM machines, see ECRM.

Konica EV-Jetsetter 1000
Konica EV-Jetsetter 1100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2000
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2000T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2100T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 2500D
Konica EV-Jetsetter 3000
Konica EV-Jetsetter 3000T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 3100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 3100H
Konica EV-Jetsetter 3100S

Konica EV-Jetsetter 3100T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4000
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4000T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4100T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4250
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4250T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4500
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4500 PRF
Konica EV-Jetsetter 4550
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5000
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5000T

Konica EV-Jetsetter 5100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5100H
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5100S
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5100T
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5200
Konica EV-Jetsetter 5500
Konica EV-Jetsetter 6000
Konica EV-Jetsetter 6100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 6200
Konica EV-Jetsetter 7100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 8100
Konica EV-Jetsetter 9100



Driven by EtherSetter box.

Linotronic 200P
Linotronic 200SQ
Linotronic 230
Linotronic 260

Linotronic 300
Linotronic 300D/500D
Linotronic 330
Linotronic 500

Linotronic 530
Linotronic 560
Linotronic 630



Imagemaster is rebadged ECRM, see ECRM. Expressmaster is rebadged Scangraphic, see Scangraphic.

Monotype ExpressMaster
Monotype ImageMaster 1016

Monotype ImageMaster 1270
Monotype ImageMaster 1524

Monotype ImageMaster 2000
Monotype ImageMaster 3000



Rebagded ECRM machines, see ECRM.

Varityper 5300M
Varityper 5330
Varityper 5500

Varityper XM 108
Varityper XM 72



DI Presses

Adast DI

Heidelberg QM DI

Presstek DI


CtPs that are compatible through TIFF catcher applications

TIFF catchers (shooters) are applications, usually running on a seperate PC, that receive the 1-bit TIFFs generated by a RIP and expose them on the connected CTP engine.

Agfa Print Drive
Print Console

Escher-Grad ImageSpool
Fuji PictroProof II
Heidelberg MetaShooter

Purup Direct TIFF Expose
Presstek D